Archery Elk Hunt with dinner and lodging in Colorado discounted down to only $995 per hunter
Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerAntelopeLionBearSheep-AMON4TVISTA-C4TPO-AVID6D
Eat 100% Organic! These elk are wild and a life time of being this way.
This outfitter has put together the hunting package that we have been looking for at a working mans price, DIY, Semi-Guided and Guided.
There is a fit for everyone and a private access for all his hunters to get to the best part of the mountain and not only elk hunting but even Mule Deer.
Special Pricing make this outfitters hunts stand out from the crowd.
DIY/Semi-Guided Archery and Muzzleloader $ 1195, 3 or more discounted down to only. $995
$ 150 pack out fee to pack out deer or elk if needed.
Cabin lodging and dinner meal, access by a private road and hunting directions.
Use your own vehicle 4x4 Truck or ATV for transportation on the hunt
Archery Weeks
Arrival Hunt Transition Day
8/26 8/27-09/3am 9/3
9/3pm 9/3pm-9/9am 9/9
9/9pm 9/10-9/17 9/18 Muzzleloader Season
9/18 9/18-9/25 9/26
Saturdays are transition days. The leaving group must be out by 10 and and the incoming group must not arrive until after 2 pm. Hunting can be done on the transition day as long as you adhere to these times on the transition days.
Guided Hunt:
2/1 Guided Rifle Elk/Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only....$ 2995
3/1 Guided Rifle Elk/Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only....$ 2795
2/1 Guided Archery Elk/Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only... $ 2995
2/1 Guided Muzzleloader Elk/Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only...$ 2995
1/1 Guided Rifle/Archery Elk/Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only....$ 3495
Combination Elk & Deer 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only....$ 3995
Stand Hunt (Details below) / $4000 reduced down to only......$ 2495
Guided Bear 5 Day Hunt fair chase no bait fall hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only..$ 2495
Guided Rocky Mountain Big Horn 5 Day Hunt/ $4000 reduced down to only.. $ 4495
Guided Muzzleloader deer around timberline 2 on1/ $4000 reduced down to only.$ 2995
Drop Camps: (2 High Country Tent Camps) &
(1 Four-Wheeler accessible Camp)
Drop Camps/ $4000 reduced down to only..$ 1795
1 on 1 guiding is a extra $ 500.
A combo or second animal cow elk or buck deer is $ 1000
There is a number of way to be successful during the fall season to be successful hunting elk. It doesnt mean you have to walk every mountain and climb every tree. We have places in the elk corridor that we find a lot of elk traffic and like whitetail a stand in a high travel corridor and let the elk come to you can be very successful and only require minimal walking.
This is an alternative to our standard guided hunt. It is a Semi-guided 5 Day Hunt.
We take you into an easy walk-in area where it has been our experience that elk
travel based on trail cam pics, wallows, tracks, and rub activity. You will have close
access to your own vehicle when you need to come back to camp or prefer to move to
another hunting area. This would require minimal walking or steep climbing just
One of our guides will check on you periodically but there will not be a guide with you full time.
This is also an option for those who want to experience an elk hunt but have health limitations and/or
are not able to walk or ride a horse up to 5 miles per day. A great alternative hunt at an affordable price. This provides the same accommodations as a guided hunt with the exception of having a full
time guide. Elk packet if needed is included in the hunt, the total cost of this hunt is only $ 2495
Youth Discount using youth criteria adopted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife on the discounted Licenses. The youth license program has expanded to include 16 and 17 year olds. Youths must be at least 12 and meet hunter education requirements. An 11 year old can buy or apply for a license if he/she turns 12 before the end of hunting season on the license. However, youths cannot hunt with the license until they turn 12.
Cell phone use is spotty in this area due to the lack of people the elk hunting is good but the cell coverage isnt.
If you decide you want to hunt the whole 9 days instead of one of the 4 days pieces and it is available then you can end up with the complete 9 day stretch for only the price of the first 4 days and the 2nd 4 days adding another 5 days. This is great if you haul horses or ATVs once you are there all the work is over so enjoy hunting with your horse or ATV.
You can have horses but you will need to have fence panels, there are currently no facility to provide for the horses.
If you are more of a gear head, hate horses and have a 4 wheeler you hunt ion then this is the lodging for you. You will need a Colorado Parks vehicle pass for $ 15 but there are a lot of places that you can get to for good hunting on an ATV.
How would you like to shoot a big timberline Bucks that are big because they stay away from people by being up here? But this outfitter only goes that high when it is needed, most hunting is around 9,500 feet.
Want a big Bighorn Ram? Put in for our unit and a 1 on 1 hunt is only $3995 with an extremely high success rate.
If you are an experienced hunter and need to be dropped into the middle of a herd of elk to shoot your way out here is your outfitter. If you want a trophy Muley 170-220 this is your outfitter. If you are high on experience and low on cash this is your outfitter. If you have been waiting all your life to run a lion with great dogs here is your outfitter. If you are none of the above then this is not your outfitter so plan else ware. If you do fit 1 or more of the above you will enjoy the skills and offerings of this outfitter.
Our history speaks for itself for successful hunt and elk over the 340 mark. Muleys over 170 can be located when we are hunting deer. It is recommended that you be in good shape for this hunt even though the mountain horses do most of the walking not you.
For the bugling elk hunter hunting early seasons as archery, Muzzleloader and first rifle this is where the bulls will work with you and you can work on them. You are up where there are normally no hunters for miles.
High success hunting takes a variety of factors including having the area to you and that is where this outfitter hunts. With 20 years of outfitting preceded by 20 years of hunting has taught this outfitter where to find game.
He knows some hunters dont need a guide to be with them all the time some do. Add that to the variety of animals he outfits for and you will see enough combinations to make your head spin.
Some of his hunts are lodged in a nice high mountain. During some years and some month the elk and deer arent there, in that case he offers a tent camp. You will be where the game is and if that is close by the cabin than that is great if the game isnt there the cabin will be a base camp and you will hunt out of a spike tent camp where the game is located. You are high enough that cell phones usually work although in some of the high mountain valleys there are some dead zones.
You will be hunting GMU080 and GMU081 in the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Juan Wilderness by Monte Vista Colorado. This where the outfitter was born and grew up on ranches, running cattle and breaking horses, which are mountain horses we train ourselves. The outfitting business, the stock is hand raised and very sound and mountain smart. Having a good horse for clients to ride is a 100% necessity in the outfitting business our rule is Safety first then fun.
We don't just come to the mountains to run a business, we live in these mountains. We are in them every day and know where the game is every day. 90% of the time people call hunting is actually location, locating the game animals. We make the locating as short as possible and the shooting a higher percentage of the time of the complete hunt. Taking free ranging 300-350 class bulls means go where they are and know where that is. Part of this is because we dont run blind for deer and elk. We have many trail cams out in the areas that traditionally tell us that there are elk in the area. That and our pre-season scouting tell us where to go. Historical knowledge tells us what the elk or deer will do. The third part is if the hunter shoot well we bring home big bucks and bulls from our game rich hunting areas.
Units GMU080 and GMU081 is an over the counter tag for bull elk Archery, 2nd and 3rd season and a limited draw tag for deer. This is the first general season that is open to the public without
draw for elk. The elk are still in herds and finishing up the rut. We have taken a lot of mature bull elk in this season. Deer are starting the migratory trip to the winter grounds out of the high country leaving a lot of the mature bucks lagging behind in the high country for sanctuary from the lower elevation hunters. This is the Trophy time for Mule Deer in our area. A lot of bucks banded together during the
September bachelor groups staying away from the does and crying kits. Glassing bucks after bucks looking for the one that you want to make the stalk on is one of the best hunts you'll ever be on. This is a draw only hunt which takes a few preference points to draw.
If you want a buck of a lifetime this comes highly recommended. Test your spot and stalk skills on P&Y class bucks. This tag is by draw only and takes place on private and public grounds both. It takes at least 7 preference points to draw this tag. The hunt will be worth every year you spent waiting on the tag. This hunt is our fastest booked. It takes at least one prior preference point to draw the tag. This bulls only hunt with a limited number of tags available. The Elk are in the rut and are in large herds with multiple bulls. Some really nice bulls are taken during this season.
An added bonus is that even though you are hunting GMU080 and GMU081 you are right across the line for the designated Quality unit GMU076. That unit has had the number of licenses reduced, and the drawing gets difficult with points required. Well. No one told the deer and elk about that line and that since they are quality size bucks and bulls they should not come over into GMU080 and GMU081.
You guessed it; we have taken bulls with radio collard put on by the Colorado Parks and Wild life to track these elk in the fall to see where they go. Wouldnt you know it; we have shot elk with those GMU076 tracking collars on them. Just for reference if you see one remember it is 100% legal to shoot a elk with a tracking collar, even better you know why he is so big because where he came from.
Vastly experienced in wildlife, shooting, and the area's we use gives us an advantage working with
clients capabilities and what the client desires on their hunts to make it a once in a lifetime
experience. We will work hard to make it so. The more we communicate with you about your hunt and what your expectations are on your hunt the more successful it will be. Lodging can be in a cabin or in a tent depending on the area with the highest game density. These hunts can be low impact to high physical endurance depending of the ability of the client.
During the 2nd, 3rd and 4th deer season this is a rifle hunt in the canyon or the bottom of the canyon at about 9500 feet in altitude, depending on the outcome of pre-hunt scouting and historical information. Although elk season is open during these seasons this is a focus on trophy mule deer. There is a 1st and 4th Bull elk season with all other seasons being cows even a December 1-31 cow elk. Traditionally there are no left over licenses for these GMUs GMU080 and GMU081 after the draw. The only options are EM081O2R Over the counter and EM081O3R Over the counter.
Licenses traditionally left over after the draw then for sale over the counter are usually not available.
This means that even though it may note that only 1 point is required but with 1 point you could draw but it may only be a 10% chance of drawing where someone with 2 would be a 100% chance of drawing. The number of points required to get a deer or elk license are below.
At any time during your hunts you want to hire a guide for a day or few days we
have guides available for hire daily. First come first serve basis.. $500.00 Per Person
Buck Mule Deer
DM080O1A 0 0
DM080O1M 1 1
DM080O2R 2 2
DM080O3R 1 1
DM080O4R 4 4
Bull Elk
EM080O1M 1 4
EM080O1R 0 0
EM081O2R Over the counter
EM081O3R Over the counter
EM080O4R 0 0
Cow Elk GMU080
EF080O1M 0 0
EF080O2R 0 0
EF080O3R 3 3
EF080O4R 1 2
EF080P5R 0 0
EF080L1R 3 0
Cow Elk GMU080
EF081O2R 0 0
EF081O3R 3 0
EF081O4R 1 2
EF081P5R 0 0
EF081L1R 3 0
***Guided Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Colorado Unit S29 gets 2 Ram tags every year. The hunt is a 90% plus hunt. You will ride horses up to timberline and depending where you spot the rams you will ride or walk for a spot and stalk. Camp will be down at the cabin or in a small tent again with meals, depending on where the sheep are located during your hunting season. You will be hunting in Park County south of the Town of South Fork. ******$ 6500 hunt discounted down to only $3995 !! This is a difficult license to draw and only a handful of licenses are given out in the state to residents and non-residents.
Big Game Season Dates and Fees
2015 Big Game Season Dates- Check the regulation brochures for more specifics and variations
Deer/elk (west of I-25 and Unit 140)
Aug. 29Sept. 27
Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)
Oct. 123
Nov. 430
Dec. 1531
Sept. 1227
Pronghorn (bucks only)
Aug. 1531
Pronghorn (either sex)
Sept. 120
Muzzleloader (by draw only)
Sept. 1220
Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)
Oct. 1018
Sept. 2129
Rifle Deer/Elk/Moose
Oct. 114
Separate limited elk (1st season)
Oct. 1014
Combined (deer/elk) (2nd season)
Oct. 1725
(3rd season)
Oct. 31-Nov.8
Combined limited (deer/elk) (4th season)
Nov. 1115
Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)
Oct. 24Nov. 3
Late plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)
Dec. 114
Rifle Pronghorn (by draw only)
Oct. 39
Black Bear
Rifle limited (by draw)
Sept. 230
Archery (over-the-counter with caps)
Sept. 230
Muzzleloading (over-the-counter with caps) Sept. 1220
Rifle (over-the-counter with caps)
concurrent with deer/elk rifle seasons
2015 Colorado Hunting License Fees
Habitat Stamps
Habitat Stamp (valid 4/13/31)
$ 10
$ 10
Lifetime Habitat Stamp
$ 300.25
$ 300.25
Licenses Fees
(Note: When applying for a license, an additional $3 non-refundable fee must be submitted with payment.)
Elk, Cow
$ 46
$ 461
Elk, Bull or Either Sex
$ 46
$ 616
$ 31
$ 371
$ 251
$ 2,061
Pronghorn, Buck or Doe
$ 31
$ 371
$ 41
$ 351
*License Fees include a 25-cent search & rescue fee and a 75-cent Wildlife Education surcharge. *All non-resident big game licenses are a big game and annual fishing combination license.
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Deer and Elk are located, we know because we take many each year. Please send help with rifles, muzzleloaders or bows!
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We accept
Or ask us about our Hunt Now Pay Later Program valid for all hunters booking our hunts you just need credit approval. We realize the hunt of your dreams will not be a reality because you will never be in better physical condition than you are today. Instead of planning the hunt when you can afford it when you are 80 years old we want you to be in the condition required to make the hunt successful when you are 60 years old. This program is a must for a hunter filling his bucket list! Ask Greg or Sharon about the details for this great program.
We can provide you with an interest free loan on a hunt by allowing you to make a $500 deposit on the hunt and pay the balance in payments of $400 every 2 weeks or more. You can use it for a hunt this year as long as it is paid in full 60 days prior to the hunt or it can be stretched to 2 years.
We offer what no one offers hunts on time at 0% interest.

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